Core Modules

EXPLORE-AI's Control Room of the Future suite helps operators and executives monitor, manage, and operate their network better, enabling data-driven decisions that result in improved customer service.

  • Network Visualisation

    Visualise your network graphically and schematically, see how it is connected to help you manage operations seamlessly.

  • Network Operations

    See Supply, Demand, Storage, and Headroom of your network in real-time and get alerted to any upcoming Supply Interruption risks.

  • Risk Monitoring

    Monitor the state of your network and assets and see risks emerge in real-time so that you can act.

  • Production Planning

    Plan your week or month ahead based on a demand forecast and a full visibility of supply and storage levels.

Why You Should Use It

EXPLORE-AI’s Control Room of the Future presents a seamless, real-time, Network-wide, single source of truth that enables a consistent and intelligent operating system to be delivered by a Control Room

  • Reduce Supply Interruptions

    Managing incidents well is critical to limit customer impact. Having the right information at the right time will reduce both the number of events you experience and the time taken to deal with an event.

  • Reduce Operational Expenditure

    Reducing the quantity and gravity of events by reducing your operating expenditure considerably.

  • Improve Customer Experience

    Less supply interruptions. Faster response tu issues. Better handling of events when they happen. All this leads to higher Customer NPS.

Have A Look at How It Works

EXPLORE-AI’s Control Room of the Future is built with the latest cloud-based technology, streaming in all your Asset data across the Network real-time to give you a consolidated view of your Network so that you can run it better.

Leverage The Power of Data

Transform Your Operations

Imagine having your up to date Network presented delightfully on an interactive dashboard where Operators, Senior Management and Executives can go to see how the Network is performing, down to the finest detail.

That’s exactly what EXPLORE’s Control Room of the Future is able to do. It delivers a rich, seamless, real-time view of the performance, risks and alerts on the network so that you can run your business optimally.

  • See Supply, Demand and Storage move in real-time.
  • Watch how risks emerge in real-time.
  • See your assets visually and how they are connected.
  • Plan your Production in real-time.

Key Users of Product

EXPLORE-AI’s Control Room of the Future helps Operators, Senior Operators and Executives with one single source of truth of how the network is performing.

  • System Operators

    Operators who run the network on a daily basis and need a granular view of events as they happen.

  • Senior System Operators

    Senior Operators who manage large parts of the Network and need a cohesive overview of all events and potential risks emerging.

  • Executives

    Executives need to keep their finger on the pulse and demand instant access to see events across the whole network

Product Features

The product uses the latest advances in cloud, Data Science and AI to deliver a first-of-its-kind view of how the whole Network is running

  • Cloud-native and agnostic

    Safe, secure, and agnostic approach to cloud and data architectures. Flexibility to scale according to your needs.

  • Real-Time Network

    Real-time streaming of your water data so that you are up to date on your entire network.

  • API-ready

    Our open-API approach allows you to integrate quickly with a wide range of internal or external operational systems to help you drive your efficiency and innovation.