Fibre Roll Out

Increasing RoI by optmising where to roll out Fibre

Rolling out a Fibre network is a complicated process. It is a function of a number of things. These factors include:

  • Predicted usage of the houses you pass
  • The competition in the area
  • The density of housing
  • The existing infrastructure to leverage off
  • How good the copper network is

EXPLORE helped a large Telecommunications company optimise its roll out plan by building a model that prioritized the roll-out plan with a projected RoI set per area. This model enriched the current analysis with powerful external data (eg. Household size and income, Average age of household, Competitor activity) to provide a stronger prediction of where to roll out with an accompanying projected RoI.

By building stronger models with richer data the business was able to increase its RoI by a few % … which is significant when investing $BN’s.