About Us

Meet the team responsible for making the magic happen

The EXPLORE team comprise a group of leading Academics and Data Scientist practitioners who have decades of experience in solving difficult business problems.

Executive Team
Shaun Dippnall
Managing Director

Shaun is the CEO of the EXPLORE Group of Companies. These include a Digital Skills Academy that delivers scarce digital skills at scale into South Africa as well as a Utilities and Financial Services products and services business.

Shaun has been the Chief Actuary of four major insurance companies and the CEO of one. He has 8 years experience solving problems for large Utilities companies, both in SA and the UK with deep experience in fixed-line and mobile networks.

Aidan Helmbold
Chief Explorer

Aidan is a director of EXPLORE and is the lead data scientist on EXPLORE Utilities. He is a co-founder of the EXPLORE Digital Skills Academy and was core to the initial setup of the flagship Data Science course.

Aidan is a qualified Actuary and has spent most of his career consulting, firstly to the Boards of the largest pension funds, insurance, and investment companies. He has since spent the last three years focussing on solving problems across water utilities and fixed-line telecommunication network.

Ian Louw
Data Scientist

Ian is an associate actuary and data scientist. With a strong training in statistical time-series modeling, he ensures that our algorithms do as expected: helping Utilities manage their network in real time. Don’t challenge him to a game of golf at the weekend.

Sam Movius
Data Scientist

Sam has her PhD in Industrial Engineering. She has been instrumental in implementing some of our more radical statistical ideas in the real-world of Utilities networks. Sam is fearless, except when it comes to vegetables.

JandeWet Linde
Data Scientist

JandeWet Linde is another one of our actuarial associates turned data scientist. Jan has two stated objectives with us: building intelligent solutions for Utilities companies and spreading his South African farming hospitality far and wide.

Tristan Naidoo
Data Scientist

Tristan started his career with the Actuaries and found a home in Mathematical Statistics. Tristan core skill is taking a fledgling idea and building it into a fully implemented solution. He will never walk alone.

Nicholas Meyer
Data Scientist

Nic is currently completing his Masters in Mathematical Statistics. Nic brings academic rigour to the operation and makes sure that our solutions work at scale. In his free time Nic enjoys skydiving. Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it’s Nic.

Jacob Clarkson
Data Engineer

Jacob has degrees in both Computer Science (MSc) and Psychology (BSocSci). He is responsible for stitching our products together into a well-oiled machine. Call Jacob, if you need advice on home audio equipment.

George Mathew
Software Engineer

George is our core software developer. He has been building products that scale with EXPLORE for the last five years, implementing everything from Education platforms to Speech Recognition systems for the Insurance Industry.

Byron Roelofsz
Technical Lead

Byron is an associate actuary and data scientist. He has immersed himself in all aspects of the product development needed to bring our Data Science products to life. Byron is our main man on the ground in the UK, and was recently voted “Reading’s most eligible bachelor”.