Core Modules

Your network is complex and interconnected. Your assets can curst, break, fail, break or just stop working. You need to be onthe front foot when they do.

  • Leak Detection

    Knowing where leaks are, particularly the largest ones, is critical in optimising for the performance of your field force. Get them spending their time productively by going straight to where the problems are.

  • Project and Workforce Management

    Allocate your teams to where they are most needed. Our Field Force suite allows you to see on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis where best to deploy your field force to optimise for repairs across your network.

  • Performance Monitoring

    Having all your data in one place over time and across your network helps you to see how your field force is performing -per region, area, system, and actual technician. With this power you are able to see under-performing areas and the focus the attention on fixing them.

Why You Should Use It

EXPLORE-AI’s Field Force Optimisation platform is a foundational tool to help you manage the leakage of your entire network.

  • Reduce Leakage

    Having a data-driven approach to allocating your field force optimally and then giving them the tools to find leaks in good time significantly reduces leakage events.

  • Reduce Operational Expenditure

    Less leakage and more efficient field force means far lower Operational Expenditures and regulatory fines.

  • Improve Customer Experience

    A better, healthier system with less leakage and faster repairs results in happier customers.

Have A Look at How It Works

EXPLORE-AI’s Field Force Optimisation platform is an end-to-end tool that empowers your business to invest in field force that is efficient, effective and affordable.

Fix Leaks Faster For Less

Build the best field-force in the world

Imagine if you knew where the largest leaks in your network are? Imagine if you had the tools to direct your technicians to problems as soon as they emerged?
EXPLORE-AI’s Field Force Optimisation platform is an end-to-end solution that enables a Water Company to understand leakage across the network in real-time and then help it invest its field force optimally to solve for leakage.

  • Find leaks faster
  • Allocate your field force to where the problems are
  • See how the field force is performing
  • See poor performance in real-time to act appropriately

Key Users of Product

EXPLORE-AI’s Field Force Optimisation platform empowers leakage analysts, technicians and Executives with the intelligence to run an efficient and effective field force.

  • Leakage Analysts

    Need a detailed consistent view of leakage across the entire network to allocate resources accordingly.

  • Leakage Technicians

    Ensure Employees follow their standard operating procedures correctly.

  • Executives

    Want a single source of truth to see how leakage is evolving across the network and how the business is performing managing key workforce and maintenance metrics.

Product Features

The product uses the latest advances in cloud, Data Science and AI to deliver a first-of-its-kind view of how the whole Network is running

  • Cloud-native and agnostic

    Safe, secure, and agnostic approach to cloud and data architectures. Flexibility to scale according to your needs.

  • Real-Time Network

    Real-time streaming of your water data so that you are up to date on your entire network.

  • API-ready

    Our open-API approach allows you to integrate quickly with a wide range of internal or external operational systems to help you drive your efficiency and innovation.