Network Operations

EXPLORE-AI's Sewage Network Operations help wastewater organizations to understand sewage assets and better operate their waste water network in order to make it more resilient to poor outcomes.

Water companies globally are under pressure from regulators and customers to avoid blockings, meet ODI targets, and utimatelly getting fined. Integrated intelligence to operate such a complex network to visualise live blockage, enabling the tracking the flow of the network, is a crucial step in the process.

EXPLORE has worked with large utility networks to build out bespoke solutions related to sewage treatments and wastewater operations in general. We are able to:

  • Develop control panels for SLM/STW//EDM/SPS alarms and visualise live risks of blockage
  • Develop an automated work order system
  • Measure via dashboards live performance of ODIs and internal KPIs
  • Prediction on weather/rain to be ready before alerts
  • Workforce management with internal staff and external contractors
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