Pressure Management

EXPLORE-AI's Pressure Management solutions help water utilities to control the analytics of a DMA related to leakages and pressure.

There can be leakages on any part of a vast Network, but the most relevant one goes to the DMA and customer piping level. Our solution takes an hydraulic modelling network approach towards the DMA of a water operator, thus understanding the relationship between leaky pipes and pressure levels.

EXPLORE has worked with large utility networks to build out pressure management solutions where we are able to:

  • Provide a full set of analytics of the DMA at an hidraulyc system level
  • Understand pressure levels
  • Build algorithms that allow pressure management orgnizally through common supply and pumping operatioms
  • Suggest deployment of pressure devices where needed
  • Maintain a balance between low pressure (risk of no supply) versus high pressure (risk of leaky pipes)
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