Our Platform

EXPLORE-AI CORE is our cloud-native platform for water and wastewater utilities. It is where the journey towards a digital utility of the future begins. All of our bespoke solutions and product suites leverage on the CORE, keeping them up-to-date to the latest developments, scalable, and interoperable.

Cloud-Native and Agnostic

EXPLORE.AI's Platform provides elastic scalability, eliminating the need to provision for peak processing volumes. We provide the highest levels of resilience and redundancy without creating a dependency on a single cloud service provider.

Additionally, being cloud-native enables us to adopt data mesh architectures early on with the main advantages of having domain-centric decentralised data with the ultimate objective of using data as a product.

API's and Extensibility

EXPLORE.AI's Open API allows you to integrate all your Operational Systems quickly with our Product Suites. Trigger operational events from our modules and customise interoperability with our API's.

APIs will also enable down the road the creation of a Digital Utility of the Future marketplace where any solution and software provider can plug-in into our capabilities.

One CORE for All

Our Digital Twin-approach enables any water-related utility using our products to have a whole-network operational visibility. Any change to the network assets is applied to the digital twins and immediately to the products and services built on top of them.

This is a critical part of our offering. Once you have a Solution or Product from us, it is very easy to scale to other modules and suites.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

We pave the way for smart and contextualised models for the digital utility of the future. Analytical Twins rely on predictive modelling for any kind of forecasts and future incident detection.

AI can improve your organisation either by finding new solutions for specific pain-points or unlocking the power of badly structured, hidden data.

Continuous Deployment - DevOps

We embraced this methodology early on, enabling us to deploy iterative evolutions of the platforms across all customers, and test new products and solutions that can meet market demands.

Security and Privacy

A distributed data-mesh architectures provides both security and flexibility when connecting our Products and Solutions to customers' data.

On the Solutions side we can work on customers' cloud/premise or deploy the solution on our secure cloud environment.