What We Do

EXPLORE-AI provides a full-fledged set of services for global water utilities based on three main pillars:

The Digital Water
Utility of the Future.

In our view of the Digital Utility of the Future, there are three main enablers for a digital foundation: a new digital model that leverages agile methodologies, digital capabilities building, and a world class digital engine strategy that combines DevOps and a Digital Twin core. Based on the challenges faced by water companies in the next decade, we believe there are key domains to digitise over the next 10 years:

  • Customer and Omni-channel Strategies
  • Asset Planning
  • Operations
  • Incident Management
  • Reporting and Forecasting
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Case Studies

Applying AI to real-world problems

The utility will use this techology and information on water supply to generate insights and determine appropriate response and boost customer service. It is here that the Explore-AI will be applying some of the data analytics insights and analytical tools.

“We are extremely proud to be doing work for Thames Water,” says Shaun Dippnall, CEO of EXPLORE-AI. “They’re on the cutting edge in digitising their business and it’s an amazing opportunity for us to be working for them.”

EXPLORE-AI was also recently appointed by UK-based insurance group Correlation Risk Partners to apply data science and the latest machine learning techniques to solve some of the difficult problems across their insurance portfolio. Currently Explore-AI is working on three projects across the group.

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  • We Know Data

    We are mostly data engineers and data scientists, with a deep knowledge on how to structure, model, and build predictive algorithms to solve real-life problems.

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  • We Are Agile

    We work with agile methodologies, iterating to generate value on fast-paced EXPLORE-AI/customer squads.

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  • We Know Water

    We have spent the last years building a CORE Platform with Digital and Analytical Twins that has paved the way for the deployment of many award-winning solutions in the water industry.

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Over the last few years we have successfully participated in many UK and Global competitions on AI, ML, and Data Science: