Digital Water Balance

EXPLORE-AI's Digital Water Balance solutions enable operators to understand and produce a MLE calculation on the water balance of the entire Network on a semi-automated and recurring fashion.

The process for producing such balances, often strictly enforced by regulators depending on geography, has been a slow, cumbersome and manual process for most utilities. This balance not only has to be made on a Network level but also on any areas and systems within.

EXPLORE has worked with large utility networks to build out a digital water balance solution to automate and improve this process. We are able to:

  • Automate as much as possible the inputs for the water balance calculation
  • Improve data accuracy in order to have this data on a monthly or ideally weekly basis
  • Comply with regulator requirements and understand ultimately leakage improvements and financial incentives
  • Connect with Supply & Demand solutions for the weekly planning of water operations
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