Capital Efficiency

EXPLORE-AI's solutions help utilities of all sizes to manage Capital Expenditures and long term planning of the entire hierarchy of assets of the network.

As countries and cities grow they must build new infrastructure to deliver their services to larger populations. Where to invest, what to build and how much to spend are critical questions that the C-level suite of a water utility must answer so that shareholders, customers and regulators are satisfied.

EXPLORE has worked with large utility networks to:

  • Build an Asset Resilience platform focused on operational, economic and corporate risk to map out actual and future network constraints. Includes scenario modelling leveraged on Digital Twins foundations.
  • Set up dynamic asset plans updated timely leveraging latest contextual and operational data.
  • Understand the ROI of the current plan and build a new programme that increases the ROI of large capital projects
  • Use big data analysis to determine where to roll out new infrastructure.
  • Build a dynamic business case where Executives can see the trade-offs of allocation decisions. Strategic intervention at different regional levels (e.g. DMA/FMZ) with impact on performance, risk and cost.
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